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What is a mobile application (App) and why are they good for businesses?

A Mobile App helps any type of business to connect with their customers using their smartphones and tablets. In addition to being a mobile version of a website, tailored specifically for mobile devices, Apps help increase sales and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Apps created using RokoAppsMaker | Create Apps with the best app builder iOS & Andriod have the best design and outlay possible, and give customers the best experience, allowing you to deliver your products and services in new and engaging ways.

What can Apps from RokoAppsMaker | Create Apps with the best app builder iOS & Andriod do?

RokoAppsMaker | Create Apps with the best app builder iOS & Andriod has nearly 100 ready-made templates for many different industries, including retail, restaurants, hotels and beauty salons. Each template contain functions that are relevant to each industry; we call these functions Gadgets. For example, our restaurant App template includes Gadgets so customers can reserve tables, order food for collection or delivery, receive push notifications and be rewarded with loyalty stamps each time they visit the restaurant.

Our customers select which template works best for them and use the Gadgets that they want. We know businesses and customer needs often change, so our Apps can easily and quickly be updated at any time. If a restaurant has a new menu item or promotion, they can update their App in minutes.

If you want to build the App yourself, or add/remove Gadgets, you can do so using the RokoAppsMaker | Create Apps with the best app builder iOS & Andriod Dashboard. The Dashboard shows you a live preview of how the App will look and you can use it on your PC, laptop, Mac or by opening the App via an HTML5 weblink or QR scanner.

We can publish the App for you on Apple (iTunes) and Android (Google Play), where the App will be free for your customers to download. You will have unlimited downloads and we will also give you a QR Code to include in your marketing materials so your customers can download the App by scanning the code.

Gadgets and functions

RokoAppsMaker | Create Apps with the best app builder iOS & Andriod has many different Gadgets that can be used by any type of business.

  • POI Push - this uses GEO locating to automatically send a push notification message to your App users when they enter a certain area. Example; if you are a retailer, when your App users (customers) come near your store they will get an automatic push notification that could say ‘Hi! You’re near our store, visit us today and get 20% discount when you show us this message!’ You can change the message as many times as you want.
  • Shopping - catalogue of products and goods with or without photos, add description, price, add sub products, manage orders, see orders history, place orders with selection of delivery type and get alerts about order’s status.
  • Booking - receive table bookings from customers. You can setup for time intervals such as 2 hourly sittings, or when you are closed. A reminder function sends an automatic reminder to your customers on the day of their booking, so they don’t forget to attend!
  • About us - general information about your company that can contain a map, contact us section and links to see your Facebook page updates.
  • Information - a catalogue about your services, divided into the categories, sub-categories and articles.
  • Employee - information about owners or employees that can include photos, job titles and relevant contact information that can be imported to the customer’s address list.
  • Events - list of events where App users can be updated with information about new events and apply to attend them. They can then be sent an automatic reminder on the day of the event so they don’t forget to attend.
  • Form Editor - create forms with custom fields so you can get feedback and ideas from your customers. You can also use it to let your customers enter competitions or promotions. You can get results via email or export a csv or pdf file from your Admin Panel.
  • Loyalty - these are stamps that reward your loyal customers. This means you don’t have to print loyalty cards that customers often forget or damage. All they need is to have their smartphone or tablet with them each time they visit your business!
  • Go to web - a link to a regular web page for users who want to browse your full website on their smartphone or tablet.
  • Radio - live radio streaming to the customer’s smartphone or tablet.
  • IFrame - this allows mobile links from websites to be viewed in the App, without the App user having to leave the App.
  • Twitter - add Twitter account to read all Twitter feeds.
  • Facebook - add Facebook Fanpage so App users can read your Facebook feed/updates.
  • Youtube - add one or more of your YouTube videos or channels so they can be easily viewed in the App.
  • Mail List - allows your customers to subscribe to your Newsletter or marketing campaigns.
  • Live Chat - online chat with other App users.
  • Podcasts - links so your customers can listen to your podcasts.
  • Blog - links so your customers can read your blogs.
  • Share - lets your App users share the content of your with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail.
  • Flickr - share photos from Flickr by adding Flickr RSS.
  • Reviews - for users to post the reviews about App.
  • RSS - news feeds that allow your App users to see frequently updated content from sources like websites.
  • Weather - automatically updated weather forecasts for different cities and countries all around the world.
  • Photo - store photos.
  • SponsApp - good for big events/communities with different group of users with internal Ads from Sponsors.
  • QR code - generate QR codes for different links, emails, phone numbers, texts etc.
  • Google Adsense - display Google AdSense advertisements in the App.

Payment gateways supported

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.net
  • ePay

Use your current Paypal, authorize.net or ePay accounts to receive payments from your customers for buying services, products or making donations using your App!